by Silent Trio

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Two years in the making, these three tracks paint a diverse picture of the best of Silent Trio's four members.


released August 1, 2012

Music - Silent Trio
Lyrics - Nathan Curry
Mixing - Nathan Curry
Mastering - Steven Pardo



all rights reserved


Silent Trio Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Napoleon
it wasn't long after the last atomic bomb had dropped and the last
plane had fallen from the sky
we were trapped in a bunker, exit had collapsed, and we were suffocating inside.
i held my fading father and swore this is the last time i'll ever say goodbye
to another human that is of course presuming that i'll even make it
out of here alive

through the burning city we processed never heeding the hailings of passersby
it was the food we carried that they so desperately needed but we were
prepared to fight
their blood spilled into the pavement cracked beneath our feet,
pooling stately beneath the streetlights
you see, the killing was easy, but what we feared was sleep and
dreaming of the screaming at night
Track Name: Reckoning
I took my time finding a place I could call my home
I took my time wasting all that I own
I settled softly at the bottom of an ocean of bliss
I settled softly as the chemicals took hold and gave my heart to sweet

I like this life just fine
The pretty girls and wine sure help me pass the time
But tell my dear old mother not to pray for me
For I am dead beyond all reckoning and she can't save me

I worked long and hard, but in the end had nothing to show
And just like that, the inspiration was gone, and I found myself all alone
I worked long and hard, and all I built was this big mess
And as the world crumbles to the ground, I surrender to this sweet tenderness


Though the sun shines in on me
All I see is dust settling
And though the rain pours down on me
I don't feel the least bit clean

Track Name: All in a Day's Work
Trying to catch the flies
Yum! Delicious flies
Catch them in my web, yes
Soon they'll all be mine
Twitching, begging, “Please!”
Another fly's request denied. Denied!

A cricket prances near
Singing her pretty song
Seductive and sublime, yet
I dare not sing along
Silently I wait
I'm sure her flesh will taste divine. Divine!

(These are the things that I have to get done)
All in a day's work
All in a day's work

My sweetest dear, oh!
How I pine for you
And in this very place
I'll wine and dine you soon
Awaiting your return
I have a gift for you, flies. Flies. Flies!

Well yes, I may be cruel. Ha!
I daresay very so
But God made me this way
I shan't complain, oh no!
My work consumes my time
But rest assured the pleasure's mine. All mine!